If you do not want to be a member but just want to get email announcements about our great fun events please
click this link. http://www.worklessparty.org/join/join.htm



Work Less Party of BC organizational structure.

Our goal in the Work Less Party is to create community. We are not about confrontational politics but rather promoting positive dialogue and raising awareness though creative events ,forums, debates, films and books. We invite everybody to participate in the WLP election process and will do our best to support your individual creativity. We are firm believers in the process of empowering the individual.

The WLP has a flexible organizational structure. We are open to evolving it to accommodate the creativity of as many of our  members as possible.

Internal elections:

There is no fixed date for WLP internal elections. An election for any of the WLP executive or candidate positions can be called by any 10 or more members by submitting a call for an internal election. A date for the election will then be set by the coordinator within 1 to 2 months of the submission.

Positions that elections can be called for.

Any of the candidate positions for any of the ridings. These are non paid positions.
The board. Non paid position
The coordinator of the party. This is a paid position.
The party PARTY coordinator. This is a paid position.
The financial agent. This is a paid position.
The elections coordinator. This is a paid position.

If you are a WLP member and have the support of 9 other members please do not be shy to call an election.
This is what democracy is all about. Organizations need to evolve in order to best represent their membership.


Membership in the WLP is $10 per year.
Membership is open to everybody regardless of nationality, age or political allegiance.
Yes you can be a member of the WLP and another party.. 

Your Name

E-mail Address

If you would like to receive a membership card please fill out the 
following info, so that we can mail it to you.





Membership donation. 

 A donation of $15 or more includes a copy of
the book Workers Of The World Relax





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