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"It seems that the ecologically necessary is politically unfeasible, but the politically feasible is ecologically irrelevant." - Prof. Bill Rees, UBC
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Written by Coordinator   
Saturday, 25 April 2009
My name is Christopher Telford. I have lived in Vancouver since 2001, working in gardens, landscaping, organic produce, recycling and volunteering my time to support arts and cultural events in East Vancouver.

If you were to add up the sum total of public awareness and participation in the politics of debates, canvassing and electing of new leaders I would likely fall into the mid-range of popular knowledge and experience.

In the beginning, I was pretty darn apathetic about the political process. To progress from being involved only as a voter to becoming a candidate in a provincial election seems a large jump in levels of engagement -- but for me, it happened relatively quickly.

I have joined into running with the Work Less Party because they play an active role in my community. They have encouraged people like myself towards action through expanding my definition of politics.

That definition being a living demonstration of how we interact with social inclusivity, how we share economically, and how we act responsibly towards our environment.

With the decree of Work Less, Live More, this group has been encouraging people to be healthier in mind and body, to commit to a footprint that is lighter on the earth, to build an active and compassionate community -- and above all do it by their own choice and guidance.

We are only going to create the world we want to live in by taking the time to do it and by having fun doing so.

The Work Less Party is about less hours banked at the office, fewer contracts signed and producing fewer products that are harmful to ourselves and the environment. Its about focusing on the work that is necessary to support healthy people and healthy environments. Its about each of us identifying our priorities and living within our means.

Ive stepped up to this position as a candidate for member of legislative assembly in the Vancouver-Hastings riding for two reasons. First because the values, actions and accessibility to the democratic process that the Work Less Party demonstrates. And second, because I want others to be able to imagine themselves here. If not as a candidate for MLA, at least taking a position of leadership and advocacy for more time, not more stuff.

Christopher Telford
Last Updated ( Saturday, 25 April 2009 )
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